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This manual can be downloaded as a PDF:

To assemble the softplate, you will need; a socket-head screw wrench, a cross head screwdriver and an open end wrench (7mm). The softplate can then be placed and removed without the use of tools.

The connectionpoints on the RAM cradles differ. To place the GPS correctly you can find the apropriate orientation in the GPS-List.

The softplate fits by default on a 1 inch bar (diameter 25.4mm). Remove the spacer rings to fit the softplate on a 1 inch bar (diameter 31.8mm).

Snap on the clamps gently on either side of the stearing pin.

Attach the mounting plate to the clamps. The slotted holes allow for adjusting to the width of the stearingpin head.

Remove the softplate to be able to attach the RAM cradle.

Attach the RAM cradle.

Attach the softplaat to the stear, set the angle and fasten the clamps.