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Frequently asked questions.

Q: How can I order the softplate?

A: Due to the great succes of the softplate is not possible anymore to order the softplate directly on this website. Please contact our distributers for orders.

Q: Can I attach the softplate to a 22mm stear?

A: Some Bycicles have a thinner stear (22mm). The standard softplate is made for 1 inch en 1 inch bars. Special spacer rings ar available for 22mm bars.

Q: My GPS is not on the list. How can I attach it to the softplate?

A: We have only included the most-used GPS cradles in the list. When a RAM cradle is available for your GPS then it's very likely that it fits on the softplate. When in doubt, contact your supplier.
Check www.Ram-mount.com for a cradle for your GPS.